Born in 1962
Lives and works in Normandie, France


2021 Touch the infinity, 4. Opening exhibition of the Grange aux Dîmes in Rots (14).
Touch the infinity, 3. Cultural centre Les Fosses d'Enfer (14), with the support of Région Normandie.
2020 Touch the infinity, 2, Galerie IGDA 2.0 (14).
A round in Saint Roch (61).
2017 Touch the infinity, City Hall of Hérouville (14), publication of the book A fresco.
A round in Saint Roch (61).
2013 Sky Filters, La Chapelle de Bessé (49).
Au bout du geste, Burnt wood fresco, l'Hippocampe (14).
2011 Meuvaines 2010, Outside final location Hérouville (14).
2009 Drawing in situ, Au bout du geste,Pleins-Feux production, Caen harbour with the support of the Town Council, the Regional Council and the General Council (14) .
Endless look et SMN Fires,projection as a part of the exhibition "Au bout du geste" Caen harbour (14), with the support of Transat Video and Normandy Radar (14)
2005 Endless Look, film, 12'30mn, Pleins-Feux production with the support of the Lower Normandy DRAC (...), of the General Council (14), the fine Art School of Caen-la-mer, and Ouistreham Council (14).
Drawing in situ, Galerie 2Angles, Flers (61).
2003 ARAKAN Gallery, Caen (14).
2001 Plump, film, in the Lux Cinéma (14).
2000 Plump, film 52 mn, ACCAAN/Pleins-Feux production : re-creation of a film from archive images and films Habitacle viscéral, Sombre chair, Carnet de bal.
Transat Vidéo Diffusion (14).
1997 Drawing in situ, Caen harbour (14).
1994 SMN Fires, film 10mn, Pleins Feux Production with the support of Lower Normandy DRFP, of the Lower Normandy DRAC, of the Regional Council and the General Council , of the DDJS (departemental direction of Youth and Sport) (14).
1993 Habitacle viscéral,(visceral cockpit) film 5mn, Pleins Feux Production with the support of the Lower Normandy DRAC, and the local bank agency of the Credit of France (14).
1992 Drawing in situ, Artcaval Festival (14).
Sombre chair (Dark flesh), Video film in the ARTCAVAL Festival (14).
1991 Drawing in situ, Verson (14).
1987 Drawing in situ D.N.S.E.P. (National Art Diploma), Caen (14) .


2015 Skin, 14/18 , Usine U"top"ik (50).
2014 Endless look, film, Arts meeting « Berlin, Berry », Mers-sur-Indre (36).
2009/2010 PROPUESTA, slideshow, Contemporary Art Space net (Lower Normandy).
2008/2009 PANORAMA, Lace and Fine Art Museum, Alençon (61).
2007/2008 Endless look, film,Art Galleries Net in Lower Normandy.
2007 Endless look, film, "Arte de Pantalla" projection at the 22nd Cinéma Festival, Mar del plata (Argentina), présentéd by Pilar Altilio.
"Poetic and Digital instants" Festival in Ramallah (Palestine).
Sky filters, Art Galleries Net in Lower Normandy.
2006 Endless look, film, "Poetic and Digital instants" Festival in Marseille (13) towards
Alliance Française of Mar del Plata (Argentina),
The Café des Images (14), with Amnesty International.
The Art Library in Caen (14 ), "OPEN" group exhibition.
2001 Plump, film, in the Lux Cinema (14) Lorquin's vidéo festival (57),
ZALEA TV sélection (75).
1999 Drawing in situ, Concarneau (29),
The Big night light, film, diffusion in Concarneau (29) ; meeting with Dominique Abensour.
1996 Carnet de bal (Dance card), film 26mn, production Pleins-Feux avec le soutien de l'ACCAAN, de la DRFP (14),de la Mairie de Caen (14), de la MJC Maladrerie.
1995 Fini la lèpre, film 10mn, Pleins Feux Production with the support of ACCAAN, the Caen Town Council and MJC Maladrerie (14).
Drawing in situ, Art Wave, Deauville (14).
1993 Fire in situ, Caen harbour, photographs IUFM (14).
1991 Paintings, St Jacques Museum , Lisieux (14).
1990 10/20/30, paintings, Caen Theatre (14).
1989 Drawing (photographs), European Biennale of Art schools (Anvers, Belgium).
1986 Art installation of glass pieces and performance (Varsovie, Poland) ; Meeting with Tadeusz Kantor .


2017 A fresco, published by La Manufacture de l'Image. Graphic designer : Thomas ANNE. With the support of Normandy Regional Council, Odacc, SHEMA, Master Toile and Colori corporates, Town Councils of Caen and Hérouville (14).
1997 The Big Night Light, Artistic direction and publication of the object book : two short films and a book published by Jean-Michel Place Editions (75) with the support of Caen District, of Hérouville (Town Council), of Lower Normandy DRAC (Cultural direction), of the Regional Council, the General Council and ACCAAN (Cinema's Creation studio in Normandie) (14).


Art Library in Caen (14) ; St Jacques Museum in Lisieux (14) ; Private collections. 2 Angle Art Library in Flers (61) ; Jacques Pasquier's collections (14).


Is an association under the law of 1901, created in 1993.
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